Company Overview

CTS Lansdowne

CTS Lansdowne combines the film scoring and music recording expertise of CTS Studios and Lansdowne Recording Studios. A successful recording heritage that spans fives decades – from legendary chart hits of the late 1950s, to award-winning film scores of the 21st century.CTS Lansdowne operates the world-class orchestral recording facilities based at the Colosseum in Watford, just north of London, as well as the Lansdowne Suite, located at Lansdowne’s original home in West London. The Lansdowne Suite is a dedicated composer’s facility, with comprehensively equipped control room and live performance area, and is designed for long-term hire.

The Colosseum – Designed for Music

The Colosseum’s impressive acoustic ambience has made a vital contribution to numerous projects, over many years – from Decca’s classical orchestral recordings in the 1960s, to our recordings of Howard Shore’s award-winning score for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The hall’s generous size underpins the sound of an orchestra extremely successfully, with a dynamic that supports even the largest percussion instruments. The Colosseum is used regularly by the BBC Concert Orchestra for rehearsal, recording and live broadcast.

Many aspects of the Colosseum’s interior have a positive effect on the space’s musicality, such as its highly-polished wooden floor, the shape of its massive convex cornices, and its spectacular high ceiling. The sheer scale and flexibility of the hall’s acoustics, combined with CTS Lansdowne’s technical facilities, ensure the Colosseum’s position as one of the world’s foremost recording venues.