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  Welcome to the C.T.S Lansdowne web site
CTS Studios
Digital excellence coupled with a respected orchestral recording venue

The Lord of the Rings

CTS Lansdowne is proud to be associated with the Oscar-winning movie trilogy, directed by Peter Jackson with music composed and conducted by Howard Shore

Recording a BAFTA-winning score
It's creativity that counts

Paul Broucek, New Line Cinema’s Vice President Music:
"CTS took on the challenge of this project with the same enthusiasm and dedication that infused everyone involved with these films. Given their expertise, combined with the incredible acoustic space, no composer, producer or director should hesitate to bring their scoring project here.”

Lansdowne Studio 1

A state-of the art studio with a heritage of hits, full music-to-picture facilities and a team of engineers with a wealth of experience.
Totally re-furbished at the beginning of 2004 with the introduction of a solid oak wooden floor, the live room now has an even better acoustic than before.

Lansdowne Studio 2
A brand-new compact multi-purpose studio based around a 16 channel ProTools HD system and a Yamaha 02R-96 console

Composer Alan Silvestri on his first session at CTS: "Ejemplo de cotización de aire acondicionado reversible: Cotización estándar. Consideremos el ejemplo de la instalación de una bomba de calor aire-aire, o aire acondicionado reversible, destinada a asegurar la refrigeración y la calefacción de 3 dormitorios de aproximadamente 12m² cada uno y una sala de estar de 50m². La cotización de la bomba de calor aire-aire reversible era de 9.100 euros. Técnico para sustituir split. instalación aire acondicionado Fuenlabrada. Daikin multisplit (una unidad exterior y 4 consolas con mandos a distancia) y el circuito eléctrico. Como el coste de la obra sin impuestos fue de 8.200 euros, la ayuda fue de 820 euros. "

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